Box: Our Brand New Back-Office. Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Box: Our Brand New Back-Office. Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Box is Trade Smart’s new and efficient back-office. It’s exactly what it has been named, a box where you can find a record of every trade that you placed in the form of reports that are easy to understand. All your current holdings, trades, open positions and profit loss reports. It’s quick, easy and exactly what you need. No confusing fancy charts, promise.

You can find the details to log into the platform at the end of this post

What also makes Box special is it’s mobile friendly approach. As more of our users move to mobile, it only made sense to reduce the glim glam and give them something they can actually use when they are on the go. We have also made it possible for people to download the reports as PDF, or CSV files or directly print these reports right out of box.

Get The Best Back Office For All Your Trading Needs

The first report of box is the Ledger. A double entry account of all your transactions with VNS. You can choose the time period within which you wish to take a look at your transactions.

box tradesmart backoffice ledger

My Portfolio is a report that shows all the shares that are currently in your Demat account and their total valuation. This is a day end report and is updated everyday in the evening.

box tradesmart backoffice portfolio

Trade Details is a report that gives you a trade-wise summary of all the scrips that you bought or sold within a given time period mentioned on the top right. The purpose of this report is to help you understand better each trade that you conducted and the chronology of the same.

trade details in box tradesmart backoffice

Trade Summary gives you a brief of all your trades in a buy-sell format where you can see the number of shares bought and/or sold for the same scrip in the same product type. This makes it easy for you to see the effective profit or loss from a combination of trades for different scrips/contracts.

trade summary

Open Positions is a report that lists all the open positions that your account has. These are all your futures and options positions for indices, equity, currency and commodities contracts. This list only shows positions that haven’t been squared off yet which means your MTM is changing with every price change in these contracts.

open positions

P&L Reports talk about the total profit the you have earned from a certain trade. This trade may or may not be squared off but the profit will show up as realised (if squared off) and unrealised (if not squared off). This report calculates the unrealized profit on a LIFO (Last In First Out) basis to aide your trading decisions.

This report also gives a summary of the various expenses incurred by you (Brokerage, SEBI fee, STT etc) over the time period chosen by you.

PL table box tradesmart backoffice

Tax P&L Reports were created to help you file your returns better. These reports give a profit and loss statement sorted by each segment, short and, long term holdings. This will help you sort your total profits according to where and how they were earned and file your return on each of them accordingly.

Trading Account

The main screen is a consolidated report for all segments. Clicking on details button at the bottom of each takes you to the detailed report for each segment.

tax profit statement box tradesmart backoffice

equity charges breakdown box tradesmart backoffice

Breakdown of charges for P&L from the Equities or cash segment

short term profit box backoffice tradesmart

A summary of all short term trades available in the Tax P&L breakdown for equities.

Similar tables are also available for long term purchases, intraday, and carried forward trades.

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trading:intraday inside tax p&l

purchases tax statement backoffice tradesmart box

Box has an integrated referral center where you can directly refer your friends and family to Trade Smart and earn 10% of their brokerage every time they trade with us.

referral box tradesmart backoffice

The Wallet tab shows your total earnings from the referrals that you have made.

wallet box tradesmart backoffice

The Account Summary at the end gives you a complete summary of your ledger balance in all the segments.

account summary box tradesmart backoffice

We understand that amidst all of this data, you might get a little confused. Worry not! We have a help section dedicated to each page that you can access at the click of a button. A button at the bottom of every page, a green question mark will take you to the inline help section where we have explained every column and data type that you can encounter on that report.

This is what the button looks like

help button box tradesmart backoffice

Box is Trade Smart’s attempt at making accounting easy. We wanted to provide our users with a better experience when it came to accounting and logging their trading activities and Box does exactly that.

We have implemented, tested and verified that all the functionalities work just fine but Box is still in the beta phase. We urge you to come up to us with any problems that you might face with the web-app and we’ll make sure we address those concerns before we enter the final release.

Your username for logging into Box is your client ID and the password is same as the one you used for your old back office login. The web address for the new back-office is

This blog was a small step to help you understand it better. We hope that it helped and if you still have any questions or doubts regarding reports or how they are read or reported, please don’t hesitate in leavings your comments down below and we’ll make sure your queries are addressed right away.

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  • Sachin says:

    In P/L statement you should have option of dates for sale and purchase this will help us to calculate short and long term capital gain.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Sachin,
      For the purpose of tax computations, we have a separate report called Tax P&L. In this report we give a breakup of short and long term capital gains along with the Trading profit and loss. We hope you find that report helpful for your tax reporting purpose.

      Please let us know in case of any further comments.

  • Pradip chowdhury says:

    How to change brokerage plan

  • Sachin Dangra says:

    After clicking the Details link at the bottom (last row) of the Equity box only charges are coming and for all other values zero is coming.

    Intraday Gross Profit 0.00
    Intraday Turnover 0.00
    Short Term Gross Profit 0.00
    Short Term Turnover 0.00
    Long Term Gross Profit 0.00
    Long Term Turnover 0.00
    Total Charges 2,587.41

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Sachin,
      It seems to be working fine at our end. We can see values in
      1. Short Term Gross Profit
      2. Short Term Turnover.

      Could you please share a screenshot of the same so that it’ll help us understand what exact issue you are facing.

  • Sachin Dangra says:

    How and where to sent screen shot. What i have sent you on April 20 Same only coming as follows:

    Intraday Gross Profit 0.00
    Intraday Turnover 0.00
    Short Term Gross Profit 0.00
    Short Term Turnover 0.00
    Long Term Gross Profit 0.00
    Long Term Turnover 0.00
    Total Charges 2,587.41

  • nisha singh says:

    I want payment detail which i had paid to your account from starting the account. or from where i can see the detail. Pls mail me payment detail for the same.

    my CA want accounts statement detail for financial year 2015 2016 . What i had to give for Income Tax Filling.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Nisha,
      You may login into BOX and go to Reports>Ledger. Click on GO to get detailed ledger report. In the search box type “Receipts” and search. You will get all receipts detail of particular financial year. You may have to change year for fund transfer details of respective year.

      We have Tax P&L report available in the same login that would help you for income tax filing.

      Please let us know in case you require any further assistance.

  • v ch r s prasad V CH R S PRSAD says:


    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Prasad,
      When you login your BOX, please go to Payout > Payout Request, you will see your payout request status whether it is pending or processed.

  • tamal chakraborty says:

    hi my id is ywbt15…am Enable to open my trading platform due to at the time of opening now software the verson is require i dont know where do i get this new verson..need assist ….

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Tamal,
      Please follow the below steps to update your NOW trader to latest version of

      1. Logout NOW Trader
      2. Download “NOW.EXE
      3. Copy the downloaded file and paste in C:/Program files (or Program files 86)/NOW
      4. It will ask you to replace the existing file, click on “Copy and Replace”.
      5. Login your NOW Trader

      Do let us know if you still need any further assistance.

  • Joy Mitra says:

    Hi, what is the username format for backoffice login?

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Joy Mitra,
      Login your Back Office BOX from your id that starts with “Y” and password as your pancard number in capital letters.
      Ex: Login ID- YABC01, Password: ABCDE1234A

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      You can also reset your password by using the Forgot password link in case you do not remember the same.

  • Minati Choudhury says:

    I want apply for Mahanagar Gas IPO. Please let me know the procedure for the same .Since I am out of country please send the details in my mail ID

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Minati Choudhury,
      Apologize for the delayed reply.
      Currently, we do not provide IPO service. IPO’s can be applied from your bank and provide our demat details on the IPO form in case you want to have those shares in the demat account held with us. You may refer our knowledge bases article on How to apply IPO through ASBA?

  • Ranjan says:

    First of all thanks for upgrading from old boring vns backoffice to new box. I specifically like the dashboard and PL part. very very accurate. But I think the dashboard could be optimized to beat other competitors. I understand the competitors are providing this info in their main trading window which you may not able to do as your main platform is dependent on other system like NOW/NEST. As in back-end you are providing this info to the customer. I am sure you and your team might be working hard to improve the BOX a lot and to beat the competitor. One thing I would also like to say people like to read from pictures not from textual, what I mean is if your website could be such a way that in one click people get the pi/bar and other charting styles then it would be eye catching and interesting too.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Ranjan,
      Glad to know your liked our back office BOX. As you said we are really working hard to provide you a better experience. You would see many more changes in BOX that will make your life very much simpler. Hope you like it.

  • M K Nathuramka says:

    Can I find contract notes in Box back office.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello M K Nathuramka,
      As of now contract notes are not available in BOX. You are required to send an email to We will send to your registered email ID.

      Otherwise you can access it from our old back office yourself.

  • Vaheed says:

    How can change my e- maile id

  • Sudheer says:

    We can download the breakdown of each individual products(Equity, Intraday, F&O). Would be better if we can download the P&L and Tax P&L summary reports too.

  • Mahesh says:

    On Payout request, I am unable to click submit. A red color cursor implying “denial” is shown when move is taken over submit button.
    Please let me know why it is happening

  • kannan says:


    It’s Possible to place order for Pre-market?

  • kannan says:

    Thanks for your reply, and how i can place F & O order Pre-market? please give me full give full details… its very helpful for me…

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Kannan,
      In the pre-market session, only equity cash is traded. You are required to place FNO orders only after the market is open at 9.15am or You may place “After Market Order” after 5.30pm. These AMO orders will go into the market the next day at 9.15am when market starts.

  • Manoj Sharma says:

    Hii TSO Team

    Just came across an option to edit my “Trading plans and platform” under “Personal details” Column.

    I want to know whether I can change them myself??

    If Yes then Will it be applied with immediate effect??

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Manoj,
      You can make request to change your details from BOX. Once we receive your request, it will be processed in 2 working days.

  • Abhay says:

    I have faced a problem.

    while placing an order at mob application, the cash balance is appering as opening balance whereas it should have been updated after every purchase of shares.

    i would be appreciate if you work on it.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Abhay,
      As per your discussion with one of our executive, you have been suggested to use Sine mobile app and check your cash balance. In case you need any further assistance, please let us know. Please click here to know more about our Sine mobile app. It also has Advanced Trading Tools which might be of great help to you.

  • raju jogdand says:

    sir mera clint code hai ymhr226 maine 22/11/16 ko kuch share buy kiye the . back office ke portfoliyo me us ka buy average price kuch differace bata raha hai, ex airtel buy – 300 in portfolio airtel ka price 319 aisa kyon

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Raju,
      As per your telephonic conversation with our executive, we hope your query regarding buying average price of BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED has been resolved to your satisfaction. Currently, we are using First In First Out (FIFO) method for calculation of buying average price in My Portfolio report which excludes intraday trades as it is taxed differently.

  • Umadevi V N S C says:

    How to manage fund transfer? I am using NOW. MY Demat is with DCB BANK.But the same is not available in the list provided in the NOW Platform

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Umadevi,
      We understand your concern regarding non availability of DCB bank in NOW payin list. However, we are working on faster NEFT/RTGS fund transfer wherein you get your amount directly to your trading account within a short period. Hope this will resolve your query.

  • manoj rathor says:

    Where can i find brokerage of stocks i bought?

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Manoj,
      You can login BOX and check for your ledger report. Once the report is opened, click on any ledger entry which gives you the details of charges charged for that particular trade.

  • madhavi says:


    i am using sine application, How i can find the Volume up and Price Up in Future contact?


    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Madhavi,
      Currently Sine app doesn’t have Volume up and Price up for futures. However, you will get this data for equity cash. Please click on three horizontal line at the left and click on Analytics. This will give you Volume and price up for equity cash. You would also refer this to get the idea on future volume and price as values of futures will be based on its underlying equity stocks.

  • shakti says:

    What is Tpin

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Shakti,
      1. T-PIN is a 4 digit Telephone Personal Identification Number to verify the authenticity of the customer to allow instant access to call & trade facility.
      2. TPIN will be unique for each account and it is a secured service.
      3. When you call us from your registered number for placing order, follow the below 3 simple steps
      a. Dial our Phone Number : 022 – 61208000
      b. Select 3 for Call n Trade
      c. Enter your T-PIN followed by # and get connected to dealer
      4. If not called from registered number you are required to go through our verification process.

  • INDRAMA RAY says:

    Where can i find my Demait A/C Details in Box.

  • […] Also Read BOX : Our Brand New Back-Office. Here’s Everything you Need to Know […]

  • […] Also Read : Box: Our Brand New Back-Office. Here’s Everything you Need to Know […]

  • r p agrawal says:

    I want to see P&L report for the month of April, May i.e. month wise or of a particular day but your report are available for the year 2016.17.
    I am unable to judge my P&L
    Kindly provide me P&L in such a way so that I may view for a particular date/month

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Mr. Agrawal,
      As of now you can generate only year wise P&L report. We appreciate your suggestion and look into it.

  • Jay says:

    Where is day wise bill. If email not receive them how can I download my bill?

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Jay,
      If you are talking about contract note then you can send an email on for the new contract note. We will send you the same on email. To check ledger or bill details then you can login BOX and go to reports. Under ledger section you would see the bill details.

  • Hari Joshi says:

    I want to know if we can install SINE app in windows phones and tablets. Also, what is the rate of Stamp Duty, Turnover Charges & STT/CTT? The charges deducted here are much more than the brokerage. Plz also explain the meaning of Turnover Charges.Thanx.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Hari,
      Sine app is available in Android and iPhone only.
      Kindly refer our knowledge base article on Statutory Charges.
      Turnover charge is the charge taken by the exchange for the transaction done. Rs.350 is charged for 1cr turnover.
      For ex: If you buy any stock of 1000 qty at Rs.50 in NSE then your turnover will be 50000(1000*50). Hence, the turnover charge would be Rs.1.75(0.000035*50000).

    • Hari Joshi says:

      I have 80 quantities of jubilant foods in my equimax position and I have slight confusion regarding this position. Plz check the issue and let me know. Thanks. Hari Joshi- User ID: YMLH02

      • Trade Smart Online says:

        Hello Hari,
        As per your discussion with one of our executive it seems that due to date selection while generating report, the positions were showing wrongly. Hope your query has been resolved. For any further query, you may also use our online chat support available on our website.

        • Hari Joshi says:

          I should have 30 quantity of RIL Shares in my portfolio, 10 bought before bonus & 10 after bonus issue. But I see only 10. Plz see to it & do the needful.

          • Trade Smart Online says:

            Hi Hari,
            Record date of RIL was 9th Sept. 2017. It depend on the company in how many days bonus shares are disbursed to client’s account. Once RIL issue bonus shares, it automatically reflects in your portfolio.

          • Hari Joshi says:

            Thanks for the reply.

          • Hari Joshi says:

            This is in continuation with my last query. How longer do I need to wait for the 10 remaining shares of RIL after bonus declaration on 9th Sept. to be reflected on my portfolio holding? A similar bonus issue is for Tata Elxsi Shares on 18th Sept.(I bought 4 shares on 15tth Sept.). kindly see. Thanks,
            Hari Joshi (User ID: YMLH02)

          • Trade Smart Online says:

            Hello Harish,
            We cannot come to know this information. Some companies disburse in 10 days or 15 days. You may contact to RTA(Registrar of Transfer agency). Go to NSE website. Enter the stock name in search box and search. Click on Company Information. Here you will find Company contact details. Kindly contact them and check the disbursement date.

          • Hari Joshi says:

            I have not been issued Contract Note for trades done on 25/09/2017. Plz send the same by mail for my reference.

          • Trade Smart Online says:

            Kindly let us know your client ID, we shall send the same to your registered email ID. Alternatively, you may also email us the request on

  • PANKAJ JAIN says:


  • shyamala says:

    Portfolio is not giving all the information I need to calculate my profit/loss
    You should provide what is the total initial investment vs as on today.
    What is Date of purchase
    What is annualized returns?

    Every time I have to copy your data to excel and calculate myself.

    Make yourself a customer and see if the data you provide is covering the your basic need.

    I am also finding that the post comments button in Portfolio is not working hence I am pasting the content here

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Shyamala,
      As per your discussion with one of our executive, kindly send a screen shot of the columns you are looking for in my portfolio report. We will look into it and get back to you on the same.

  • Hari Joshi says:

    Any alternative to Equimax? How long shall we have to wait? Plz reply.
    Hari Joshi(User ID: YMLH02)

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Hari,
      We constantly strive to provide our customers with the best possible service. Just to let you know, we are already working on this and cannot commit on time.

  • Hello,

    From where I can download “The Contract Detail” where all the purchases including brokerage charges is displayed……

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Once you login to BOX, go to ledger. In ledger report, click on “Voucher No.” to see the charges levied to your transactions.

  • Sudheer says:

    I would like to know what’s the total asset value at any point of time. Box has this report only as of today but not from.the history. I can check how much amount was left in trading account in Ledger Balance, but not the stock holding value.


  • Srikanth Kamshetty says:

    it is suggested to have buy price , loss/profit under holdings in sine web application , it is difficult to trade without this information and landing in to loss

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Srikant,
      We are already working on these features. This might take some time as it is in primitive state.

  • Hari Joshi says:

    What about the Equimax facility ? How longer do we need to wait for it to resume? Are we going to get any alternative facility similar to Equimax? Plz reply. Thanks. (User ID : YMLH02)

  • pankaj rahangdale says:

    where do i find the list of my referral clients?

  • HARI JOSHI says:

    I want to deactivate my commodity account and will continue only with equity account. kindly help in this regard at the earliest. Thanks

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Hari,
      To deactivate commodity segment you would require to email your request at To activate again you are required to courier us the activation letter to our address. Hence, we would suggest you to keep your commodity segment as it is and continue your trading in equity.

      • Hari Joshi (User ID : YMLH02) says:

        I have two shares of IGL bought before split. The share has now split and the new quantity (10 shares) is showing in my portfolio but the adjusted price is not yet reflected and the price before split is still reflecting. What is the reason? Kindly see to it.

  • Hari Joshi (Client ID : YMLH02) says:

    I am not allowed to link my AADHAAR as it shows error message ‘invalid merchant …..’ when I click for OTP. What should be done? Plz help.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Hari Joshi,
      Due to some technical issues you were facing the issue. You might require to update your Aadhaar again. We will let you know when to update. Thanks for notifying this to us.

  • Nitingamit says:

    Wrongly credited Rs. 20000 date 05/12/2017 still date not reversed.
    So we request you to do the needful on your end

  • Hari Joshi says:

    Any news about equimax or its alternative? Hari Joshi (YMLH02)

  • Hari Joshi says:

    Does it need so long to get a reply to a simple query as above? Is there any issue? It has already been more than a week since I posted my query. Plz see to it and reply. Thanks. Hari Joshi (User ID: YMLH02)

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Dear Hari,

      Please accept our apologies for the late reply.
      We are working on the best possible replacement of Equimax. We’ll notify you as soon as we have any further development.

  • Hari Joshi says:

    I need to know about the benefit of MAS with this reference. Kindly do the needful at the earliest. Suppose I have free cash of Rs 73000 and eligible amount from share pledge of Rs 26000. In this case will I get the whole amount of 26000 as additional margin or not (keeping in mind the ratio 40:60)? If not how much will I get ? Also if this amount is pledged from four different scrips of different quantities, am I right if I say that the pledging charge will be Rs 60 * 4 = Rs 240 + GST @ 18% ? Will I also get the intraday exposure as applicable for equity cash and Future for the pledged amount ? Can I get the benefit on the same day of pledging? Thanks a lot in anticipation. (User ID: YMLH02)

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Dear Hari, if the haircut is 5% then this % is deducted from 26000. Rs.24700 is the value after pledging. You can use the whole 24,700 along with available cash of 73,000 because this is fulfilling the criteria of 40:60 ratio. Pledge charges are Rs.60 for one scrip for the entire day, irrespective of qty for that day. This means, if you pledge four company shares with multiple quantities in a day then you will be charged Rs.60*4 plus GST. You can use this margin for equity intraday as well as Futures. We would need two working days to process your pledge request. You may use the benefit of pledging after 2 days from the date of the request as your pledge request will be processed within 2 working days.

  • Hari Joshi says:

    Thanks for the prompt and satisfactory reply. Kindly let me know if we can place after market orders through sine app. Thanks again. (YMLH02)

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Hari,
      Yes, you can place AMO orders from Sine mobile app. In the buy/sell order window, you will find “More Fields” option at the bottom. Once you click on this, there is an option called “After Market Order”. Check mark this to place AMO order.

  • Hari Joshi says:

    Thanks a lot for the reply. You have a wonderful tool for communication. I appreciate. (User ID:YMLH02)

  • Nikhil Thopate says:

    How to check our current dp balance and holding.

    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hello Nikhil,
      You may login to BOX and check the DP holdings. We are going to add the DP balance soon into Back office BOX login. Meanwhile you may call our customer care at 022-61208000 to check DP balance.

  • Kanani Satish says:

    Dear VNS team,
    please explain your Demat AMC charges Rs.300 + GST and Demat transaction charges per buy/sell Rs.15 cherges +GST.
    becouse other share brocker not charged Demat transaction charges per buy/sell Rs.15 cherges +GST


    • Trade Smart Online says:

      Hi Satish,
      Demat AMC is free for the first year. Rs.300 + GST is changed from second year onwards. Demat transaction charge(DTC) is charged only on delivery sell side. Rs.15 per scrip per day is charged. Ex: On any given day, if you sell A company stocks and B company stocks then DTC will be Rs.30, irrespective of the quantity you sell on that day. Demat transaction charges are charged by all demat service providers and are usually billed at the end of the month. In order to be more transparent we bill them on the day of the transaction.

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