Sine Web – The Intelligent Web based Trading Application

Sine Web, a handy browser-based trading application, empowers traders with a tool that provides the convenience of a PC and the features of the Sine mobile app. Sine Web is designed with pinpoint precision and is a perfect companion for every trader, no matter if the trader is a newbie or a veteran.

Here are some of the salient features of Sine Web:

Web browser Application

Browser-based application designed for simple and fast trading. Supports all standard web browsers which enables trading even in the restricted areas where carrying mobile phones or installing private software is not permitted.

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User-Friendly UI

A simple login screen to start with. Dashboard contains well managed section where widgets could be arranged as per user’s trading requirement. Designed for all, whether beginner, professional or veteran.

Graph Analysis

80+ indicators for analyzing the market moves makes it a one stop shop for technical analysis. No more requirement of searching multiple websites for market analysis.

Quick Fund transfer

Secured and easy transfer of money from your bank accounts to trading account and vice versa via Pay In and Payout options.


Integrated with Unique Scanners based on different parameters and strategies for future and Option traders.

Live Updates

Being browser based, every data displayed in the app is real-time to provide traders an edge above the rest.

Buy & Sell Quickly

A single window to manage all the orders and reflects the changes on real-time basis, making trading easier, simpler and quicker.

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And More..

    • Charting Facilities With Additional Technical Indicators For All Types Of Graphs
    • Highlight For Patterns Based On Technical Indicators
    • Derivative Trading Strategies For All Scenarios.
    • Market Depth For Better Position Analysis.
    • Complete Control For Access To Your Account.
    • All Major Indices With Its Composition.

And many more…

To know more about Sine Web and its features in detail, please watch this video:

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