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SINE – Our intelligent mobile trading app

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SINE, our newest mobile trading app is an amazing trading platform for both new and experienced traders and investors. With its advanced features it will free you from routine market analysis and will put you in full control of the market.

SINE has been designed especially keeping derivative traders in mind. In this blog we will be giving an introduction to some of the basic features of SINE. In a follow up article we’ll be covering the advanced analytics features of Scanners and Options Strategies. Read More

Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme

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Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) are government securities issued by Reserve Bank of India on behalf of Government of India. They are denominated in grams and can be purchased instead of physical gold. Investors have to pay the issue price in cash and the bonds will be redeemed in cash on maturity.

The bonds will be open for subscription from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22, 2016 and will be issued on August 5, 2016. Below are a few questions you may have regarding the scheme and we’ve tried to address them.

Why should I buy SGB rather than physical gold? What are the benefits?

  • The quantity of gold for which the you pay is protected, since you receive the ongoing market price at the time of redemption or in case of premature redemption.
  • Superior alternative to holding gold in physical form with no risks and costs of storage
  • Free from issues like making charges and purity
  • Earn periodical interest @ 2.75% per annum on the amount of initial investment

Read More

Spin – The next leap in computed trading

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Innovation and technology that helps you with trading has been the cornerstone of our policy at TradeSmart Online. Pursuant to the above objective we are glad to introduce our new advanced and revolutionary trading software called Spin for you.spin blog cover-21What is Spin?
Spin is a desktop platform for stock market traders for Charting, Technical Analysis, Back-testing and Trade Execution. It provides valuable set of tools, all at one place to the traders thereby assisting the trader to find interesting trading opportunities and execute them. Read More

EQUIMAX – Introducing upto 4x exposure in delivery

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Most of us at some point have regretted on losing a good short term trading opportunity due to insufficient funds in our trading account. We at TradeSmart realizing this requirement of most traders have introduced EquiMax funding facility for all our clients in the Equity Segment.EquimaxSo, what is EquiMax?
EquiMax allows you to buy more stocks in delivery than you’d normally be able to with the same amount of cash in your trading account.
For example: If you want to buy shares worth Rs 4 lacs in delivery, you can do so by paying only Rs 1 lac in margin.

Before enabling EquiMax for your account there are few details which you need to know: Read More

9 Movies Every Trader Must Watch

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What kind of a monster doesn’t love watching a good movie? So we compiled a list of what we thought were the best flicks that traders could relate to. There is a fair possibility that we have missed out on a few of them so please feel free to add in your cinematic delights to this list in the comments section and we will keep adding them to list time and again. Read More

Box: Our Brand New Back-Office. Here’s Everything you Need to Know

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Box is Trade Smart’s new and efficient back-office. It’s exactly what it has been named, a box where you can find a record of every trade that you placed in the form of reports that are easy to understand. All your current holdings, trades, open positions and profit loss reports. It’s quick, easy and exactly what you need. No confusing fancy charts, promise.

You can find the details to log into the platform at the end of this post Read More

Change in Lot Size for Nifty, Bank Nifty and NSE Securities

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Recently NSE released a circular stating a change in the lot sizes. Kindly go through the following email to keep yourself updated with the changes and the steps to be taken.

What was the official communication?

The lot size of NIFTY, BANK NIFTY and some Futures stocks will be revised as per the NSE Circulars dated August 07, 2015 and August 14, 2015. These circulars include an Index Lot Size Change Circularthat talks about the old and revised lot sizes for indices and a Stocks Lot Size Change Circular which gives a comprehensive list of all stocks whose lot sizes have changed. Read More

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